XY Chart goes crazy

We use XY charts frequently for pareto charts. We use the push method of supplying data so we no longer have the issue of data not showing up.

However I am still seeing this type of behavior especially on first load up:

If I simply click F5 to refresh the browser, everything goes to normal

What can we do about this?



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We have a similar problem:

When opening the view:

After refresh or after waiting a while (perhaps when the data is updated?):

We use Query binding as data source. When we visualize the data in a table the data is correct.

We are currently using Ignition 8.1.11 but we had the same problem in previuos versions.

I see the same problem on 8.1.12, a new data point can fix this or refreshing the webpage. Tried a query as a datasource, and then created a custom datasource for the view and still get the error.

We are using 8.1.17 now and I still see this same issue. We do not bind to the data sources, rather write to it like this:

		getChild("pareto").props.dataSources.pareto = pareto

I don’t remember where but this was suggested to be a way to reduce issues however we still get funky stuff like this happening:



I brought up this issue here: XY Chart Not Updating with New Data

Haven’t heard anything since then.

@Joe_Kelly yeah, it seems like an issue that has been remaining for sometime.

I did submit a helpdesk ticket today since it wasn’t getting traction on the forum (its a relatively minor issue).

If I hear anything from that I would update this thread (or maybe IA will)?



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I want to bring this item back to the top. We are using 8.1.19 now and I still see the same behavior.