Xy chart help, named query, settings changing

When I changed the names of the X and Y, the chart stopped rendering


errr update:

I copy and pasted to a new view page, and now it renders?

You’re probably missing a few other properties. Best way to handle this is search in the Perspective Property Editor for the old props.xAxes.name

hint: check under props.series for the xAxis name :wink:

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I think I need more explaining

the graph is showing up now, but I wondered how you meant to search and find all of these prop names, if I am searching in the wrong spot or something

Sure, let’s use the default XY Chart as example.
I want to rename the xAxes name so I note the current name (time)

Then I change to my new name (time2), which breaks the rendering.

So what I would do is search for the orignal xAxes name time.

Adjust any properties that use the xAxis and it renders correctly.

Hope that helps. FYI, my last post was based on your first post (before editing the props.series screenshot). So it seems like you figured it out but as for the copy and paste to another view… not sure what’s changing but you can compare the raw JSON of the 2 views and see what changed.



How do I point the pen name at the label shown on the dropdown I have above it?

I only see value there. I don’t see the label available.

Then also, when I pick a different machine from my dropdown, my graph goes to only showing two data points.
The first day and the last day.
If I refresh the page, then it will update with the days between showing data.

So second question, is how do I get the chart to update the data points as well.

I will snip some images.

malfunctioning graph

functioning graph after a refresh

For now, I am using a time series chart with a different query, but the dates don’t show right at the bottom because they are not tied to my days, but just time as it goes

I wanted to thank you, as your information helped me again.

This time I am setting the series rendering to column for bar graphing

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I am a bit stuck on a few things.

Spacing the bars apart

I found width of the bars in the columns for series 0

75 seems to be default, and the space increases when I set the width lower.

err update
I guess with null, it scales to the width of the graph
so I just set the width and make the graph wider

having alignment issues

My query returns information grouped by day.

group by  FORMAT(t_stamp, 'MM/dd/yy'),Line

I did fiddle with the width and spacing though.
chart is set for 1600px, with columns set width:50
showing 30 days
Changing the dimension 1600x doesn’t seem to impact the alignment, scales with incorrect position/misaligned as I make the chart smaller or larger.

This is a known issue. You can play around with CSS and make it better, if it’s worth the effort for you.

See here:

There is a solution for either the power chart or the XY chart.

Thanks @lrose


I don’t understand how it happened.
Seems like an X and Y got mixed up?
but when I look, I see the correct X and Y values

Y: mydependentvariable

tooltip is set to read the {valueY}, but that part is blank
my values do not increase that way

the scale is reorganizing to make the values appear to increase with time?

I hope I did something wrong.
I am on 8.1.0
I hope I can get it to work in 8.1.0
I might contact support to help to get me unstuck

Is this caused by the css or something else? Cuz it might be that some numbers need to be changed if you are using multiple series/axes ect

I don’t know what is causing it.
I am expecting a call back from support.

It is really odd to me.
The scale is messed up in both renders
The second set of Y is showing up 90° the wrong way in bar render
I just hope that it is not because I am using 8.1.0 because I don’t know when my company will update.

My current workaround is to have a graph for each series.

I don’t think time series can show bar graphs or can they?

no they cant

what about putting the number value at the top of a bar when making a bar graph

I saw one person was making a line render to do this, but I thought maybe it was just a special case

I am set for category
I have a column of the last 60 days as yyyy-MMM-dd

What is the way to set the specific cell in my table to the startCategory ?
I tried to find it on Perspective - XY Chart - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation
I don’t see it though
I tried example [0,1], but this did not work
For the endCategory I would need to pick the last one in a changing dataset, or I think maybe I can say like 60 days after the first one somehow

and now I have the sideways graph error again

my x and y are not mixed up, but they are appearing that way.

then when I used same y axis for two series, and try to stack them, instead of stacking, they are just wider, and for the entire length

found the way to get shorter dates, it looks at the first column for dates, so I set the format to MM-dd in my query for the first select of outer query

but now it only shows like 3 dates and still is sideways in the view

Got tech support, they wrote a brief script to make a pydataset of the required data, and without the rest. This made most of the chart shape up better.

set for category on the x axis
40 minDistance grid spacing
12 font, 0.5 positioning
looks good, but newer versions of Ignition have the rotate feature that would be nice for my x axis