XY Chart Tracing

Hi all,

I’ve got an XY chart with 2 series configured in Perspective, and I’d like to implement something similar to 7.9’s Easy Chart tracing feature.

Basically, I’d like the user to be able to see the y - values for both the fault code and machine state as well as the time value as they hover their mouse over the chart. Is this possible? If so, what properties should I be looking at to configure this? My gut instinct says the answer lies somewhere in the cursor property of the XY Chart, but I can’t seem to figure out what even happens if I enable/disable these.


I think it’s possible if you use bullets.

series -> 0 (Series#) -> line ->appearnace -> bullets -> 0 and set enabled = true
check that
series -> 0 (Series#) -> line ->appearnace -> bullets -> 0 -> tooltip is enabled too.

Within tooltip you can set the text. The tooltip text default is “{name}: [bold]{valueY}[/]”

Thanks for the response! Unfortunately, this will only give the value at the bullet point on the line it falls on (i.e. hovering over the first point, red line in my example will say “Fault Code: 1”. I need to be able to hover over any point on the graph and get the time as well as the fault code and machine state. I haven’t seen any examples where this has been done yet.

Gotcha, didn’t realize you wanted to see the tooltip for all series at a given time.
Have you seen this thread [Bug-11636] - XY Chart Tooltip Background Color
The image in the original post looks like what you need but I read through the thread and I’m not 100% sure which tooltips still remain. It looks like they are using a chart cursor. Maybe you could message @milbar to see how he generated that graph.

I know if you associate a series with the cursor prop of an XY Chart it displays the axis values but it I can’t get it to display the tooltips like is shown in the linked post above. I still have some chart implementing to do, I’ll let you know if I see anything relevant.