Zulu Platform x64 Architecture using too much RAM


Even when my designer is closed, the Zulu Platform Architecture is launched and is taking a lot of memory. How can I deal with it?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @grzegorz.kaczmarczyk, do you also have your Gateway running on that machine?


The Gateway is also closed. The Zulu launches at the startup.

The Gateway service is in the stopped state?

How can I check it?

If you are using Windows you can run services.msc and it should be listed as the name ‘Ignition Gateway’. It will likely have a status of ‘Running’ or ‘Stopped’.

The Gateway runs as a service so it is always available to run things like Historian, Alarming, etc. in the background. It is set to automatically start with your machine (by default).

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It works, thanks!

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Hi @matthew.ayre
I have the same problem @grzegorz.kaczmarczyk can you help me please.
I already try de to it as you say but when I run services.msc but anything.

kill the task

I also did it

So the service is still running. Probably the service in not running under the name of “Ignition Gateway” Did you configure it with another name?