Zulu Platform x64 Architecture using too much RAM


Even when my designer is closed, the Zulu Platform Architecture is launched and is taking a lot of memory. How can I deal with it?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @grzegorz.kaczmarczyk, do you also have your Gateway running on that machine?


The Gateway is also closed. The Zulu launches at the startup.

The Gateway service is in the stopped state?

How can I check it?

If you are using Windows you can run services.msc and it should be listed as the name ‘Ignition Gateway’. It will likely have a status of ‘Running’ or ‘Stopped’.

The Gateway runs as a service so it is always available to run things like Historian, Alarming, etc. in the background. It is set to automatically start with your machine (by default).


It works, thanks!

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Hi @matthew.ayre
I have the same problem @grzegorz.kaczmarczyk can you help me please.
I already try de to it as you say but when I run services.msc but anything.

kill the task

I also did it

So the service is still running. Probably the service in not running under the name of “Ignition Gateway” Did you configure it with another name?

So is Zulu Platform x64 the gateway service or something else? Mine is using up 3/4 of my ram. I don’t just want to kill the task if it’s going to take the gateway down with it as this is my main gateway.

If this is your gateway then yes, that is the JRE for your gateway.

What does your memory trend look like on your gateway performance screen?
Is this a production server? If yes then you need more physical memory on the server. If this is development, I would just leave it and deal with sluggish performance.

If 2GB is 3/4 of your ram, then you don’t have near enough RAM to be running an Ignition gateway, and a database, and desktop software.


Sorry - meant that to say 1/4 of my RAM but I still get the point. Here’s the performance screen and yes this is a production server.

That looks like a perfectly normal performance trend. Note the java doesn’t return memory to the OS when it cleans up its heap. It is best for min and max in ignition.conf to be the same so java allocates it all up front.

Yep. I agree with @pturmel on this one.
If you are starving the windows machine of memory, you need to look at adding memory to that machine or moving other applications off of it to alleviate the memory usage.