Allen Bradley 1783-NATR, Network Address Translation Router

Has anyone connected Ignition a Allen Bradley PLC ( SLC and Controllogix) using a 1783-NATR

I have between Ignition and PLC the 1783-NATR, it is correctly configurated , I can ping the PLCs and I can connect to them via RSLINX, but Ignition is not able to connects.

Without the NAT 1783 , the connection works correctly.

The Pc of Ignition is and the 1783 NAT is configurated like in the picture

In the configuration of the device I used the following IP

PLC 1 =
PLC 2=

But ignition remains In the status “Connecting”

any suggestion is appreciated

Thank you very much

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Is anything being logged into the gateway console? Go to Status -> Diagnostics -> Logs and see if there’s anything related to the device connections you’re trying to set up.

We’ve got quite a few PLC’s connected through the 1783-NATR, the connection in Ignition is standard and shouldn’t be a problem if all other networking is correct. It is really important that the PLC has it’s gateway setup properly.
You seem to have 3 networks in play here, 192.168, 169.254 and 172.20, do you have routing between them via a gateway? We usually only have two networks when working with the NATR.
Are you pinging and connecting via RSLinx from the Ignition server itself?

Any time you encounter an IP address of the form 169.254.x.y, you almost certainly have a misconfigured network. These addresses are reserved for automatic addressing in the absence of any DHCP or BOOTP services. See the explanation of Link Local addresses on wikipedia. Since these addresses can be different at every boot, you must never hard-code them anywhere.


I fixed!!
The issue was a network route rules problem
Thank you very much
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I’m having a similar issue. Assuming the network route rules was a setting in the NAT itself?

Hi Andrea. Would you share how you connected ignition to your plc thru the NATR please?

I cannot connect to a Micro850 via Modbus with a NAT, the status in the Device is Connecting.
any Idea?