[BUG-14012] Ignition 8.0.3 / 8.0.2-rc1 - wrong parameter binding after xml export/import

Ignition 8.0.3-nightly 2019-05-23
or Ignition 8.0.2-rc1

When I create with a parameter binding the following xml file is generated

<Tags MinVersion="8.0.0">
   <Tag name="test2" type="UdtType">
      <Property name="typeId"></Property>
         <Property name="param" type="String">val parm1</Property>
      <Tags MinVersion="8.0.0">
         <Tag name="New Tag" type="AtomicTag">
            <Property name="value">{bindType=parameter, binding={param}}</Property>
            <Property name="valueSource">memory</Property>

If I delete the udt and import the file, the binding is wrong if I edit it in the designer:

Instead of a parameter binding, the text is mentionned :

{bindType=parameter, binding={param}}

Could you please fill a bug ticket for this with a high priority.
All tag’s binding are wrong after import…


Yeah, that is a legit bug and we have put in a ticket for it. Note that the tag json import does not have the same issue.

yes it works with json but we have tools based on xml to generate tags…:cry:

This issue was fixed in the 8.0.3 nightly that was uploaded today (6/21).

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