[bug-14313]Direct Tag Group running on Leased/Driven rate

After upgrading a small project from 7.9 to 8.0, I had some issues with serial communication errors in the gateway log, on closer inspection I found the OPC rate was the default 1,000ms not the 20,000ms we had set in the Direct Rate field for these tags, but selecting Mode=Leased and set the Leased Rate to 20,000ms, then re-select Mode=Direct and save, the OPC rate is then 20,000 as expected, also I found that changing the Mode to Leased save and then reset the Mode to Direct and save leaving the Leased Rate @ 1,000ms the Direct Rate is then used :confused:

After flipping all the affected TagGroups to Leased and back to Direct the project is now working, as I have not been able to replicate this on a clean 8.0 install I suspect this may be due to the import process, has anyone else seen this type of behavior?


Years ago there were other serial interface users looking for a repair to the system at Ignition 7.9, and there should be a colon here yet the forum text editor wants to make an emoji of it…

So you might see if the users with known serial problems earlier have seen it under upgrade, or go to https://support.inductiveautomation.com and either check the knowledgebase, or (if you have not already done so) check the support policies before a voice call or e-mail… Thanks for telling us what you have seen thus far. Inquiring minds ( and new students ) always wish to know.

There’s an active fix up for review that fixes a lot of problems with tag group rates not properly updating. I’ll add you on to that ticket, and we should post back here once it gets merged in to a nightly build.

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This issue was fixed in the 8.0.4 nightly build that was uploaded today (8/21)

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