[Bug] Find/Replace > Row selection automatically advances only once

Issue Description:
When using the Find/Replace functionality of Ignition Designer, if you select a row from the search results then click the Replace button the replacement will be implemented for the selected row and then the selection in the search results will auto-advance by one row (expected). If you then click the Replace button again the replacement will be implemented for the selected row but the selection in the Results table does not auto-advance.

Expected Behavior:
I’d expect the selected row in the Results table to auto-advance after each click of the Replace button allowing the user to rapidly apply replacements without having to continually select each row in the results table before each click of the Replace button.

Ignition version: 8.1.15 (b2022030114)

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Yes, this is a known bug on our backlog:

Where should I check before submitting bugs (to avoid duplication) and is this the right place to submit them?

I posted in the forum due to this post (linked below) but am curious if there is a preferred feedback method.

You’ll probably have a tough time avoiding duplication for sure, there’s nothing public but what you find here.

Submitting bug reports here is fine, but sometimes we miss them, or sometimes they just don’t get prioritized or the importance gets reported lower than it should be…

The official way to report a bug is through support.

The post you’re quoting was from a time we were running an early access public beta of Ignition 8 and support was not the right channel.