How to Creat Tag Provider by Script

I want to creat tag by web dev, it is ok ,but I must use current tag provider ,So I Want to Auto Creat one Tag Provider!if it is impossible,I wish ignition engineer can Develop a system interface

Sounds like the wrong solution to your problem, but the problem isn't clear.

What's your use case ?

Explain this part of your problem.

I want auto creat tag provider by web dev,but current system functions not provide this function

Tag Group can not Creat by system function

But why ? I can't think of a reason to do this.
Try to explain what problem you're trying to solve.

What is the use case? What are you trying to do? You can create tags in the default tag provider from webdev.

Correct. This is a gap in IA's system.tag.* library functions. You should make a feature request.

Existing thread tracking customer engagement:


one project's tag put one sama tag provider, not use 'default',
I have many project in one gateway,so i wish to split them

Yes, but why do you need to create them with a script ?

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Because I have a control center that sends tag information to the gateway interface to automatically creat tags, we want to store the tags by project name

That doesn't explain why you would need to create tag providers with a script.
Create your tag providers in the easiest way there is: Through the web interface.
Then select them accordingly to what project you want to create tags on.

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I hope to reduce the operation steps, the steps of creat tags can be handed over to the web dev interface script, I just need to send information to the web dev interface

Creating tags and creating tag PROVIDERS are not the same thing.

You don't need to create tag providers by script to be able to create tags by script.

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I have a project that automatically creates tags when a user adds a workstation to the system which depends on a tag provider existing. If I restore my project to a new server, which I've done 3 times this year, I have to manually create the tag providers before the restored project will work correctly. I get an error message that states "this tag provider does not exist". It would be nice if system.tag.configure

was able to create the tag provider for me if it didn't already exist.

How would it know what kind of tag provider to create?

I don't know? Magic maybe?

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