Reverse Proxy with subpath instead of subdomain

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I’ve been experimenting with a Reverse Proxy (Traefik) and been succesful in placing my whole gateway in a sudomain ( The Reverse Proxy handles the TLS and automatically redirects http to https. I can get to the designer, vision launcher and any perspective site. Using Traefik, it seems the necessary headers are automatically added and the only thing I had to do was implement the main/statusping rewrite (see here: Hard coded request for HTTP in Designer Launcher even if gateway set up for HTTPS - #9 by tom1? - This because I’m using 8.0 and not 8.1 I assume.

So far so good.

Now, I have also been trying to host ignition under a subpath instead of subdomain. So rather than I would like to use

This I can’t get to work. I’ve done this for a bunch of other web servers, eg. an Apache2 server. On those, I just need to strip out the prefix “/ignition” and make sure that the server knows that it is serving from the particular path (ie. /ignition in this case). I cannot find a similar solution under ignition though. I had a play with the webserver settings for ‘public HTTP address’, where i added ‘’ but it doesn’t seem to make any difference.

Has anyone any experience with this?

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As of today, the Public Address is only parsed for the server name/address. We’re not parsing/consuming any paths submitted in that field yet… I can create a ticket to look into this–I had tried just what you’re attempting (with Traefik+Docker) long ago (before joining IA) and ran into the same block.

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Thanks for the update - makes sense.

As an example: we run dokuwiki on our server and make it accessible through our reverse proxy (Traefik). In our case, Dokuwiki sits on an Apache2 server. In the configuration section of Dokuwiki, I just had to fill out the server url (ie. “”) and under the base directory i put “/mywiki/” . In Traefik I just have to strip out the prefix “/mywiki”.

I think the difference with Ignition is that you don’t have a field for the base directory and as you said, you can’t just add it to the server path - which is what i was hoping for.

See Dokuwiki screenshot.

I’m still hopeful that there might be another option in Traefik, like redirecting or rewriting the path. The problem with that is that I really need to know a lot more of all the various endpoints and put rules in for all of them.

Any tips are welcome!! :slight_smile:
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I was trying to do the same thing using a subpath and stumbled upon this thread. Is there any plan to support this?