Shelved Alarms Keep Alarming When Re-triggered

Hi, I am having a strange problem where a customer using Ignition 8.1.7 shelves nuisance alarms which send out SMS notifications, but as these nuisance alarms re-trigger (become inactive, then active again), to everyone’s annoyance they still alarm and send out SMS messages, and yes they show up in the “Shelved” alarms list as well.

Has anyone else had this problem before?

I have tried this with the same tags on my test machine and not been able to repeat the problem. (on my test machine, as desired, shelved alarms do not alarm when retriggered).

Having exactly this problem. Shelved alarms do not prevent repeat instances of the alarm showing up in the alarm status table and all the interactions associated with that.

Using Ignition 8.1.20, perspective workstation 8.1.1x

Edit: Alarms fail to shelve from a client connected to a gateway with a remote tag provider from another gateway i.e.
[Gateway with alarm] --> [Gateway with remote tag provider] --> [Perspective Client with alarm status table]

same here, was there a fix?
Ignition 8.1.24

I believe this is a known bug. My org has implemented a workaround.