[BUG- ] Gauge flickers when data updates

I have an embedded graphic that I was playing around with that has the third range end value of the outer axis set to the props.value. When I run it using live data the whole gauge graphic flickers every time the data updates. Its worse when animate is true but still present even when set to false.

Is this expected behavior?


Ignition version 8.1.30

Its likely to be similar to the known bug from these three forum posts. Probably should call support and verify.
[Bug-3513] Perspective Gauge Needle Resets to 0 Angle
[Bug-3513] Gauge Object Reads Incorrect on Load
[BUG-3513] Gauge at Max When Value at 0

Just an update for anyone else seeing this, tech support was able to replicate the behavior and added a bug ticket.

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Has there been any update on this? I'm seeing the same issue in 8.1.32